gen  ·  e  ·  sis noun | the origin or mode of formation of something

so  ·  lu  ·  tions noun | a means of solving a problem

We listen, learn, discover and deliver.

Our Story

Genesis Solutions was founded by proven technology staffing professionals who chose to pursue their common passion of helping people build more meaningful lives through technology staffing solutions. We are aimed at building a brand that goes beyond just a job, a placement, or a charitable donation. We’ve set out to employ the most real, honest, and relatable people at Genesis Solutions to help become career advocates for candidates and reliable staffing partners to clients located in the markets we serve.

We listen, learn, discover and deliver. It’s as simple as that.
What Our People Say

Why Genesis Solutions

The launch of Genesis Solutions was driven by witnessing first-hand the discrepancy in what some technology staffing firms say they’ll do and what they actually deliver. Genesis Solutions prides itself on quality – not quantity – by sending only a select few candidates to a client. We don’t waste anyone’s time.

How do we vet and qualify talent? It’s simple. The best relationships are built when business isn’t the focal point. The knowledge, skills and abilities are discovered through talks about interesting, unique and measurable projects completed by our candidates. The needs of our clients are unearthed when they’re lamenting over business challenges that need to be solved.

Our Mission

Our mission, vision and values are tied to our personal philosophies, our technology expertise, and our network of professionals.


It’s simple: we strive to do right by our clients, consultants, and the communities we serve.


Genesis Solutions is a catalyst for promoting meaningful lives through exciting and progressive career opportunities, partnering with high-growth and mature organizations to meet goals, and building innovative communities by making philanthropic pledges with every successful technology engagement completed.


Genesis each day strives to earn our clients,’ consultants’ and communities’ trust by building loyal, long-term relationships that promote meaningful lives.

Meet Our Team