gen  ·  e  ·  sis noun | the origin or mode of formation of something

so  ·  lu  ·  tions noun | a means of solving a problem

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Did you know, the average lifespan of a tech job is two-to-three years? In an ever-changing and rapidly evolving technology industry, there are new problems and challenges to solve every day, which creates exciting opportunities for candidates. We are here to help you find your next exciting job prospect.

At Genesis Solutions, we listen, coach, and advise our candidates to help them achieve their career goals. We are looking for technology candidates who portray our brand positively. And we want people who are committed. Commitment leads to on-going work for you, and happy clients for us. For every successful engagement, we make a charitable pledge. The client, candidate and community all benefit. That’s what we call a win-win.

We define employment and engage with you in one of three ways as a:


Employer-subsidized benefits, including a 401k with employer match

Independent Consultant

e.g. tax-term: 1099


e.g. Corp-to-Corp Sub-Contractor

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